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  • The editorial team at Cheezburger wanted to grow their readership
  • The product team wanted to increase reader circulation on the website
  • The entire organization needed to know more about their readers, what stories worked and which were less popular


  • Before, the editorial team only had their gut feeling to rely on and felt they were making guesses about what their readers would like
  • Readers would arrive from social media sources directly on an article page, and could only find more content by visiting the homepage

After Implementation

  • Cheezburger built real-time traffic information directly into their CMS
  • New “Hot Today” and “Top Posts” content recommendation features built with’s API endpoints helped readers visit more stories and increased internal referrals by 122%
  • Their editorial team says they understand which topics and types of posts do better with their readers enabling the creation of even more successful content
  • The organization was able to direct more attention to social media with these systems in place and increased social referrals by 71% in 2013