Authority Report December 2013:
Screen Size and Mobile Device Usage

Newsroom product teams know that readers consume their content through a variety of mobile, tablet, and desktops—but exactly how much variety is there? In this Authority Report,’s data team took a hard look at what screen sizes are most commonly used to view news. They sifted through billions of pageviews. The result? This interactive display shows the top 2,000 resolutions that were responsible for 99.5% of all incoming traffic. The other .5% of traffic contains another 498,000 unique resolutions.
Graph based on network traffic data from October, 2013.

What screen sizes are used to consume the news?

Rollover the graph for more information on each screen resolution.

Screen Sizes

When are people using desktops vs mobile devices?

Mobile Versus Desktop

Similar to overall traffic, traffic from mobile devices ebbs on nights and weekends. However, mobile traffic diminishes to 10% of overall traffic midday and increases to around 20% in the evenings.
Graph based on six weeks of network traffic data spanning October, 2013.

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