Starter Plan

  • 10 seats
  • Up to 1 million monthly uniques
  • Real-time & historical tracking
  • E-mail support
  • Start Trial

Custom Plans

  • Unlimited seats
  • Over 1 million monthly uniques
  • Social & API add-ons
  • Dedicated training and support
  • Get a Quote


"Track" is perfect for small teams of up to 10 people. For larger teams, consider upgrading to the other packages to remove the seat restriction.

Posts per week

Most small and mid-size sites create fewer than 100 new posts per week. Larger content sites will require more data analysis power, as provided by the "Plan" and "Promote" packages.

Data retention

Due to the enormous volume of data stored by Dash, data is only retained 6 months in our "Track" package. For organizations with longer data retention needs, the other packages can accomodate.

API access

Our entry-level package includes preview API access at 500 calls per month. To get production access to our API, upgrade to our other packages.


The "Track" package is limited to 5 exports per month. Exports include CSV/XLS downloads, e-mail digests, and other shareable reports.


Dash supports a variety of metrics, including pageviews, unique visitors, social shares, publication trends, and more. At each package level, more metrics are made available to allow them to get more in-depth understanding of their content.

30-day trial

All plans start with a 30-day trial of our service. This will give you plenty of time to get your site integrated and share access with your team. During the trial period we also run webinars and training to help your colleagues understand all the capabilities.

Site integration

The first step of any trial is site integration. This involves including a small Javascript snippet on your site and allowing our system to analyze your content. Our team can help you through this integration process, but it is generally painless.

Customer support

All customers receive the full support of the team. This includes training, e-mail / phone support, and assistance correcting data issues in your account. We can also help your product team through technical API integrations.

We know news organizations and content websites optimize for
different goals based on their audiences and business models.

Several plans are available to meet the needs of organizations of all kinds.
The plans are also available with flexible monthly or annual billing.

If you need more than is provided by the Starter Plan, we suggest you
contact us directly to build a package based on your needs.