Meet The Team

Kelsey Arendt

Customer Success Manager

Kelsey joined’s team from the publishing side. She worked with The Guardian’s commercial team where she managed a variety of projects for marketing and sales, including developing analytic support for sponsored campaigns and partner hubs. Kelsey is a midwestern transplant to New York City, and is a passionate hiker, musician, and homebrewer.


David Aronica

Publisher Development Representative

David joins with a wide range of experiences from ad sales at a major network to project management at an independent innovation consultancy. He earned his degree at Indiana University in policy analysis with a focus on environmental policy and spent four months in Northern Scandinavia studying sustainable development. David aims to utilize his diverse experience to develop long-lasting customer relationships. In his free time he enjoys cooking and eating; as he feels food is the number one catalyst that brings people together.


Toms Baugis

User Experience

Toms is a prolific Python programmer and open source contributor with a keen interest in data visualization and user interfaces. He's passionate about coding, and has built projects using JavaScript, Google App Engine, and other technologies.

His open source projects include time-tracking application Project Hamster which has over 60,000 users; and hamster-graphics data viz library;

Prior to, Toms worked as a research assistant at DERI Galway, focused on semantic ontologies and visualizations.

Toms enjoys playing videogames, snowboarding and reading science fiction.


Megan Beaty

Customer Success Manager

Megan was born in the beautiful East Bay of San Francisco and left to attend Fordham University in New York City. At Fordham, Megan studied Marketing and Visual Art and spent her free time directing and performing in a sketch comedy troupe. Megan's first start-up experience was at Bitly building their Sales Development team before becoming an Account Executive. Outside the office, Megan enjoys riding her bike, scouting new restaurants and doing improv.

Alexa Benatar

Marketing Manager

Alexa has managed a wide range of digital publishing initiatives prior to joining, from executing client campaigns to audience development, as the Digital Marketing Manager at Greentech Media. Prior to Greentech Media, Alexa did publisher account management and business development at Rakuten Linkshare. She is originally from Florida and is now located in Manhattan. Alexa graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in marketing and a certificate in sales. She has a very cute rescue dog named Jack.


Dan Blanchard

Software Engineer

Dan studied Computer Science and Linguistics and the University of Delaware where he received Masters degrees in both. While at UD, his research focused on modeling how infants learn segment speech into to words. His professional software career began at Educational Testing Service (ETS) where he was a Research Engineer working on automated written response scoring for four years prior to joining Parsely.

While at ETS, Dan was the lead developer of several open source tools including SciKit-Learn Laboratory (SKLL), GridMap, and IO::Storm. He also maintains the Python character encoding detection library, chardet, which is used internally by requests and many other popular Python modules.


Keith Bourgoin

Data Analysis

Keith studied Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University, where he got his Masters with a focus in machine learning and information retrieval. He started writing .Net software in Philadelphia but quickly went back to his roots with Python and the open source stack. He has since been working with Django and JavaScript. His last project included engineering on personal identity site

He also maintains hiicart an open source project that implements a Python/Django shopping cart for Paypal, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments. In his spare time he plays many video games and starts random projects.


Emmett Butler

Software Engineer

Emmett studied Computer Science and Music Technology at New York University, where he received his bachelor's degree. He began his software career as an engineering intern, first at Parsely and then at Vimeo, where he collaborated on the video player, REST API, and internal services. Emmett is also a dedicated video game programmer and designer who regularly participates in game jams. While working on a side project, he wrote Candela, a python shell creation toolkit.

He also programmed and co-designed Heads Up Hot Dogs, a game for iOS published by [adult swim]. In his spare time, Emmett practices his Magic: the Gathering skills and reads about technology.


Clare Carr

Director of Marketing

Clare is here to tell's story to the world. She has spent five years on the publishing side as the Director of Marketing and Online Operations at Greentech Media. Previous to that, she did digital marketing and business development at, the precursor to Groupon, and Venus Zine. Originally from Ohio, she graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Environmental Sciences.


Chris Clarke

Dev Ops

Chris has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and worked more than 5 years developing .NET software for the medical industry. He transitioned into freelance Web development and server administration, and has spent nearly 10 years working on applications and systems serving the medical, digital media and e-commerce industries. He supports the team, focusing on system administration and automation.


Stefan Deeran

Business Development

Stefan oversees strategic partnerships at Prior to joining, he held key roles building the sales, partnerships and client services teams at NewsCred, the content marketing platform for publishers and brands. He's thrilled about the future of journalism and has worked with both traditional and online media companies. He is the founder and publisher of the Exception, the first digital news organization in his homeland of Maine. Whenever possible, he enjoys quality time off the grid in the great outdoors.


Didier Deshommes

Systems & Architechture

Didier spent the first 18 years of his life in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and moved to North Carolina to attend college. He obtained two bachelor's degrees from North Carolina State University, one in Applied Mathematics and one in Computer Science. He also has a master's in Mathematics. As an advocate of open source technologies, Didier has contributed to a number of projects including the SAGE project (a computer algebra system), python-solr (a Python binding for the Solr open source search engine), and sfpy a Python Superfeedr client). His hobbies include long-distance running, reading, and listening to music.


Peter Douglass


Peter was born and raised in Colorado and is an avid skier, fisherman, and outdoors enthusiast. He graduated from Tulane University with bachelor's in History and Spanish and will always consider New Orleans to be a second home. Peter brings to two years of consulting experience, helping small to medium businesses leverage their cloud-based investments to optimize processes. Bitten by the proverbial "startup bug", he looks very forward to applying his experience towards's continued growth and success.


Sal Gionfriddo

User Experience

Sal can't stop making things. This tendency usually manifests in the form of software, but it occasionally births new taco recipes. Prior to joining, Sal developed and published several video games including Penumbear, Omegapixel and Four Hats on iOS. Sal's previous lives include being a CTO of an online radio startup, a consultant for Facebook game startup, and a developer of financial reporting systems.

When Sal isn't hacking away on code he enjoys rock climbing, unicycling, running, playing guitar, collecting new hobbies and long walks on the beach.


Afzal Jasani

Business Analyst

Afzal is a recent graduate of New York University who double majored in Economics and Public Health. He loves technology, business, and reading about new startups. During his free time he practices python, plays basketball, and writes about data on his personal blog. He is currently helping the team in all matters of business, marketing, and sales analysis.

Sachin Kamdar

Chief Executive Officer

Sachin managed teams with as many as thirty people through various leadership roles over the past several years. He graduated with a bachelor's in Economics from NYU and a master's in Education from Pace University. After graduating from NYU, Sachin was an NYC Teaching Fellow, using cutting edge technology to educate students in math and economics at an alternative high school in Brownsville, Brooklyn. He then started an EdTech consulting company that built, implemented and managed systems across schools in NYC. Sachin enjoys listening to live jazz, exploring Brooklyn, and never having a steady sleep schedule.

Website: sachinkamdar.comLinkedInTwitterFlickr

Martin Laprise

Algorithms Lead

Until 2010, Martin was doing research in nonlinear optics as a PhD Candidate in Physics at Université Laval. After his graduate study, he joined BrightScope where he was doing GPU Computing and Data Analysis. Prior to joining, he was CTO at Crowdbase where he led the Research and Development of the natural language processing and recommendation components of the platform. Martin enjoys crunching data, Python and running.


John Levitt


John never thought he'd end up an entrepreneur, but is the third startup he's been a part of. He earned a bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Florida and is a huge Gator sports fan. After graduation, John co-founded a company that used educational activities to help elementary schools fund student programs and classroom supplies. He then spent time consulting with a VC funded startup before joining the team.

John lives in New Jersey and enjoys a pickup basketball game whenever he can.


Dennis Malaspina

Chief Revenue Officer

Dennis oversees all things revenue. He has over 20 years experience in sales and sales management with half of that experience being focused in the SaaS arena. For the past 10 years, Dennis ran east coast US and Canadian sales at Return Path, a data solutions provider that helps leading companies promote and protect their brands. Dennis is a graduate of Hofstra University and an avid fan of sports (NY Jets, Yankees, Knicks & Islanders), the outdoors and generally anything with a motor. In his off time, Dennis enjoys music, spending time with his family and being the pool boy for his wife and daughter.


Nick Mercer


Nick graduated with a degree in anthropology from Connecticut College. He started his career in media as an assistant planner at Mindshare and worked his way up to a media supervisor where he managed a team for the SAP account. After Mindshare, he transitioned to ad sales, working for Ziff Davis on the IGN and AskMen properties.

Outside of the office, Nick enjoys outdoor activities and cooking. Despite his Southern California upbringing and abhorrence of cold weather, he still loves to snowboard and jumps at any opportunity to hit the slopes.


Andrew Montalenti

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew is a technologist with over a decade of experience in software engineering. He earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from NYU. After graduating, he acted as a technical lead on a small software team within Morgan Stanley. Prior to founding, he built large-scale web applications and systems through a boutique software engineering consultancy he owned and operated. His team served several clients, ranging from startups to large organizations. A dedicated Pythonista, JavaScript hacker, and open source advocate, Andrew is also a published technical author and editor. When he's not obsessing over media and analytics, you'll find him reading about philosophy or economics.


Carlo Palomino


Carlo graduated with a B.S. in Marketing at The College of New Jersey. His background in sales started with his first job out of college; one month after graduation, he was selling orthopedic devices while attending over 8 surgeries per week. He went on to co-found an online educational program that raised funds for elementary schools throughout New Jersey. Carlo then worked in digital ad sales, helping small companies gain interest from retail investors. There, he learned the ropes of web marketing and analytics. Carlo enjoys skiing, basketball, and boxing, and spending time with his family.


Marguerite Roth


Marguerite joins with over 4 years of professional graphic design experience. Having worked with start ups, institutions, agencies, and more, Marguerite brings a wide range of industry knowledge with her design skills spanning both the physical and digital worlds. She earned her BS in Electronic Media, Art, and Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Marguerite currently lives in Upstate New York where she is an avid skier, frisbee player, and runner.


Kemper Smith


Kemper is a designer of both the digital and physical domains. He received his Bachelor of Architecture in 2005 and has applied his knowledge of the physical design world to user interface design and data visualizations.

His skills in front-end web development, JavaScript, and other visualization technologies demonstrate a core belief that design goes beyond aesthetics. He believes true understanding of a design problem requires knowledge of the processes that take a project from design to reality. Previous to, Kemper worked on data visualizations for Pitch Interactive, Inc.


Mike Sukmanowsky

Product Lead

Mike joins with 5 years of experience in media, most recently as Manager, Digital Analytics at The Globe and Mail He earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a Business Administration option (with honours) from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

After graduating, Mike quickly developed an insatiable interest in statistics, analytics and optimization. This passion fuelled him to pursue management roles in digital analytics at two of Canada's prominent media companies: Rogers Digital Media and The Globe and Mail.

While at these companies, Mike had a front row seat to the challenges (or as he likes to say, "opportunities") facing multimedia companies like Rogers as well as traditional publishers like The Globe and Mail.

His knowledge and experience delivering insights, working with a multitude of measurement technologies and building his own reporting and analysis products ensures's roadmap keeps the needs of publishers front and center.


Craig Swidler

Publisher Development Representative

Craig studied Film and Political Theory at Emory University. After graduating from Emory, he began working for an experiential marketing firm, LeadDog Marketing, as an account coordinator. In February of 2014 he began working for a tech start up called Nomi where he worked on the Inside Sales team. In college he worked on several short films one of which was selected for the short films section at Cannes. Craig is excited at the opportunity to develop relationships both inside and outside of In his spare time he enjoys team sports and spending time in the Catskills.


Luke Via

Customer Success Manager

Luke is a California native and is an avid surfer, snowboarder, climber, and outdoors enthusiast. He graduated from the University of San Diego with a BA in Marketing and quickly joined the startup industry in San Francisco. Luke brings years of experience in Account Management and Customer Support to the team and plans to apply his skillset to the continued success of


Cody Wilbourn

Dev Ops

Cody graduated with a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. As a student at Tech, he picked up Linux systems administration and his love of computer hardware. Prior to working at, Cody managed the EDA design cluster at Intel's Austin location, which develops Atom™ processors and SoCs.