Real-time and Historical Analytics

Don't miss a beat with real-time analytics. Put it into context with historical data.

Real-time functionality monitors views and engagement so that your team has constant insight into the audience, which posts are trending, where readers are coming from and more. Take advantage of traffic spikes, understand daily reader patterns and never wait to find out how a story did again.

Our historical analytics give context and help put all of the important metrics and KPIs into perspective. Create more successful strategies and benchmark changes over time. See how authors, posts, tags and sections do week-to-week and assess how changes you implemented affected the audience over time.


Get everyone on the same page with an easy-to-understand visual reporting suite.

Create and send reports that everyone will read and understand. Let our reports tell the complex story about the audience in an easy and clear way. Spend less time pulling data and more time acting on it.

Popular reports include

  • Top posts, authors, sections, tags and referral sources
  • Weekly digests for authors or sections
  • Audience overview for returning and new visitors
  • Evergreen posts report
  • Sponsored content performance reviews

Developer-Friendly API

Don’t just develop product, develop loyal readers.

Digital media properties have ever increasing tech demands, and our API gives you quick and easy access to create content recommendation, personalization, search and popular options for your readers. Readers see stories they’re more likely to read which increases circulation and engagement.

Need something to make the internal team’s life easier? Plug in data to your CMS or create a network dashboard so that eveyone can stay on top of data without adding any time to their workflow.

And That's Just the Beginning

Newsroom Dashboard

Data should be fun and engaging! Keep everyone updated in real-time with our big-board monitor.

Meta-data structure

No need to search for specific URLs. See titles, article pictures, authors, keyword tags and more in every post screen.

Referral filtering

Drill down easily to focus on search or social traffic. Compare sources based on visitors, visits and uniques.

Multi-domain tracking

For large networks or corporate properties, give executives a quick view of how sites compare in important metrics.

On-page overlay

Keep an eye on a posts’ data without leaving the page. See something interesting? Click right into the dashboard from our Chrome extension.

Multi-metric tracking

Put everything into perspective by looking at more than one metric. tracks page views, unique visitors and (coming soon!) attention minutes, sessions and entrances.

Post lifecycle analysis

Online posts can have a short shelf-life. Find out where each post is in it’s cycle and see which ones are lasting longer than expected.

In-app search

Can’t find a post? Our natural language processing capabilities means you can type any word in and we’ll find it for you.