Introducing Video Analytics
in the Dashboard

Video analytics has been released in beta in the same platform that powers the best audience analytics for media and content companies.

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Are you making the push for more video in 2017?

Make sure you’re setting your video program up for success by providing easy access to the analytics that will prove what works and improve what doesn’t for anyone that needs it: from the video editors to the development team.

Understand your video audience the way you understand your site readers.

We’ve made video analytics just as easy to understand as the rest of our dashboard: view video metrics on their own or put it into context by creator, section or tag. See video metrics right in an article page, or drill into which pages readers watch videos the most.

"Publishers expect digital video to be the #1 revenue driver by next year."

Track key metrics for your videos: visits, plays and minutes watched.
Understand which videos do the best in which articles.
See all the videos in each article and compare their performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What metrics are measured?

You'll see total visitors, video plays, and total minutes for each video. More metrics may be added as the beta release is tested.

Will I see video analytics automatically in my account?

Video analytics will not be automatically enabled, and is currently only available to beta testers. Interested in being in the beta trial or signing up once it's live? Contact using the form below to add video analytics to your account.

What information do I need for integration?

Visit our technical documentation to see examples of code, integration instructions and video metadata.

Our beta group is full! Contact us here to see a preview of video analytics.

Thanks! We’ll be in touch shortly.