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Conference Presentations

Our team has presented at PyCon, PyData, and other major industry conferences. Some links to that material follows:

  • Beating Python's GIL to Max Out Your CPU's (PyData NYC 2015) [video] [slides]
  • Simplifying large scale parallel processing with streamparse (PyData NYC 2015) [video]
  • streamparse: real-time streams with Python (PyCon US 2015) [video] [slides] [notes]
  • Real-time streams w/ Kafka & Storm (PyData SV 2014) [video] [slides] [notes]
  • Rapid Data Visualization (PyData NYC 2013) [video] [slides]
  • Probabilistic Data Structures (PyData NYC 2012) [video] [code]
  • Web Crawling & Metadata Extraction (PyData NYC 2012) [video]
  • NLTK & Text Processing (PyData NYC 2012) [video]
  • Wikipedia Indexing & Analysis (PyData NYC 2012) [video]
  • Lightning Talk (PyData NYC 2012) [video]
  • Rapid Web Development w/ Lightweight Tools (PyCon 2012) [video]

Technical Blog Posts

Our CTO blogs regularly about's product and tech stack. Here are some posts on open source software:

Open Source Projects

We are currently working on a few open source projects, including tools to integrate Apache Kafka and Apache Storm with Python. Check them out below:

Core Projects

  • pykafka: Apache Kafka client library for Python [github]
  • streamparse: Easy streaming computation with Python and Apache Storm [github]
  • pystorm: Battle-tested Apache Storm Multi-Lang implementation for Python [github]
  • birding: Stream processing of Twitter's APIs with Python [github]
  • testinstances: Managed test instances for integration tests [github]
  • newspaper: News, full-text, article metadata extraction [github]
  • time-engaged: Open source implementation of engaged time in JavaScript [github]

Experimental Projects

  • python-pds: Probabilistic data structures with Python [github]
  • reds: Enhanced Python data structures with Redis [github]
  • solrcloudpy: Apache Solr + SolrCloud in Python [github]
  • schemato: Metadata validation and distilling with RDF [github]
  • domshot: Convert d3.js into images with Jinja/PhantomJS [github]
  • emailipy: Library for inlining CSS into HTML for email [github]
  • serpextract: Extract search engine keywords from logs [github]
  • pminifier: minifier with Redis/Mongo [github]

We Love Open Source makes use of a lot of open source technology. We keep a relatively up-to-date table of primary open source components used in our software services, along with their licenses.

If you love open source, too, and want to work with cutting-edge open source technology and even release/maintain open source work as part of your day job, check out our software engineer job posting!