How Analytics Helps Every Step of Creating Content

1. Report & Create

Use data on previous stories, posts or articles to help identify topics your audience responded well to before.

2. Package & Distribute

When’s the best time to share on Facebook? Should you add a video in? Make sure you track and analyze how your decisions about layout or platforms affect the audience.

3. Assess & Participate

Everything published online starts a conversation with readers; make sure that you know what they’re saying by tracking referrals, social media reactions, and more.

4. Amplify

The more comfortable you get with data, the more you can intuitively use it to create successful strategies and make decisions that grow, engage and connect with your readers.

What Editors Are Saying

“ has helped everyone in the newsroom to understand the value of data. There’s more interest in and access to the numbers among journalists and editors. Managers are no longer the only ones who hold that information.”

Joe Jenkins

Mobile Editor

See post, tags, and author analytics in real-time and compare it to weekly or monthly performance.

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