What is in the Posts tab?

The “Posts” tab shows the best performing articles based on whichever timeframe, metrics and filters you prefer. Using these screens, it’s easy to start to understand your readers’ interests by viewing both real-time and long term trends.

Selecting a time range

Selecting a time range will give you a more relevant view of your site’s performance. The screen defaults to the current day and “Pulse” view which shows real-time traffic for the day. It will show the top posts ranked by visitors since midnight. You can see your traffic trend line for the day and compare to your eight week trailing average, which will appear as a shaded area in the background. Hovering over a post headline will show its contribution to today’s traffic. To see traffic over an even shorter time period, click on Today and select the time frame of your choice.


If you prefer to analyze historical traffic data, simply toggle from “Pulse” to “Historical” on the top right. To select a larger date range, click and drag the timeline or open the calendar selector.


Filtering posts and Selecting a Primary Metric

You can filter based on author, section or tag. Select your time-range criteria at the top of the page. If you are only interested in seeing posts published within your selected time period, click on “Published Within.” If a particular author, section or tag may skew your data, you can use the filter section to exclude it from your results.

Click “Show Posts by” and choose your preferred metric. Options include Page Views, Visitors, Device Views, Engaged Minutes and Social Referrers. You may need to upgrade your account to get access to advanced metrics.


Expand this View

Once you’ve selected the time frame, filters and metrics that matter most, you can expand this view and feature it on a big-screen or television by clicking on the expander icon in the top right.

Get detailed information on any post

Click the title, author or section link of any post to visit that page for a more detailed breakdown.

Hover over any post to see what proportion of traffic it makes up in the graph above.


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