What is a Weekly Digest Report?

One of our most popular reports, a Weekly Digest Report, is a performance summary for Authors or Sections. This report can be emailed directly to your writers or section editors or downloaded as an HTML file.

What’s in the report:

Key Metrics

This section allows you to track growth and improvement over time. Previous 4-week benchmarks and previous 12-week historical trends are shown for each.

  • Total Pageviews
  • Posts Published
  • Median Views/Post
  • Shares/Post

Week at a Glance

A quick way to visualize page views by each day of the week compared to the previous 4 weeks.

How People Found Your Content

Breaks down the traffic sources to the Author/Section, comparing to the traffic source breakdown for the overall site. Clicking any of the URLs in the Social/Referral sections will bring you to its respective detailed page in the Parse.ly Dashboard.

Most Popular This Week

Shows the top 5 posts for the week along with page views, shares, and percentage of traffic for the specific Author/Section. Clicking a headline will bring you to the detailed post page in the dashboard for more granular data.

Running a Weekly Digest Report

To create a Weekly Digest, click Reports in the left rail navigation. Under the Weekly Digest Report section, click either Authors or Sections, depending on the type of Weekly Digest report you’d like to create. After you’ve made your selection, you can set the report to run once or setup a recurring report:


Via the dropdown menu, you can select the sections or authors you would like the report to pull data on. Click Run Now. Export to HTML by clicking HTML or email report by clicking the envelope icon.

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