What is a Site Overview report?

The Site Overview report measures your site’s top level performance during a selected time period compared directly to the previous time period. That is, if a report is set up to measure two week’s performance, it will compare against the exact previous two weeks. This report can be set up to run as a single report or as an automated recurring report sent directly via email.

The Site Overview report tracks:

  • Posts and Views
  • Referrer Types (Direct, Internal, Social, Search, External)
  • Top authors by average views on new posts
  • Top sections by average views on new posts

To create a Site Overview report, click Reports in the left rail navigation of your Parse.ly dashboard. Click “Configure” below the Site Overview report section.



You will then be shown the configuration screen. Here, you can select if you would like this to be a single report or recurring by click the toggle on the top left. Recurring reports can be emails on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to email addresses inputted on this page. Click Run Now to run the report.

Clicking an Author or Section name will bring you to that respective Author or Section detail page in the Parse.ly Dashboard for more granular information.


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