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External Referral Traffic to's Customers (100% = all external referrers)


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    About the Network Referrer Dashboard

    Digital publishers rely heavily on external sources (social shares, search platforms, links from other sites, etc.) for their incoming traffic. That's why it is so important for them to be aware of industry trends and shifts in traffic.

    Updated continually,'s Network Referrer Dashboard provides insight into referral traffic to the 700+ sites in's network of online media sites. Tracking referral data to these sites by date and traffic source helps digital publishers to understand where visitors come from. Use this dashboard to compare traffic from the biggest referrers —like Facebook and Google—but also to track and compare other meaningful sources of traffic that may not garner as much attention.

    *Confidence range:
    Each solid line represents the measured percentage of referral traffic across's network of 700+ digital media sites. The "confidence range" associated with each referral source depicts the percentage of potential referral traffic across the entire online publishing industry. This helps us to account for the changing makeup of’s customers over time.

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