Provide proof of your value to clients with sponsored content analytics

Audience analytics should be at the core of creating great content based websites and products. Find out how helps developers plug in the right analytics to their workflow.

Marketers can only act like publishers if they have the same information

Shareable links

Don’t make extra work for your team. Give clients live links that allow them to monitor their campaigns in real-time.

Share links to specific pages without having to
                     give full dashboard acccess. Check on the link usage
                     in your profile.


Give marketers more value than a CTR or impressions report by showing them what about the campaign resonated with your readers.

Sponsored content promotion

Make sure sponsored content is seen by the readers that are most likely to read by recommending it at the right place to the right people through our API.

Find out more about how can help with native ad sales and campaign tracking

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The best part of working with is just how good you guys have been about implementation.

Jason Marlin
Director of Technology
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The API makes it easy for us to use real-time data to power content modules on our clients' sites.

Brad Campeau-Laurion

Referral traffic trends

See how people find stories to read across the internet in our free dashboard, updated daily. Track the shares of referral traffic from Facebook, Google and more and understand how your site compares.

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