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Choose any metric that you want to see in your newsroom, plus see how it relates to other important metrics in one glance.

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See the most popular posts, authors, sections, tags or referrals in the time frame you select.

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Need to get more specific? No problem. Select the filters you need to see the right information.

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We don’t believe in a golden metric. Select metrics that work for you, and compare them in context.

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Detail Pages

Post Details

Each article and post on your site has a unique audience. Figure out what that audience looks like, and how it compares to the site as a whole. See exactly where the readers came from, including individual tweets or links from other sites.

Author Details

Comparing authors to each other can be like comparing apples and oranges. Our author page lets you see a summary of each author’s articles and audience.

Historical Data

Need to know more than just how your site is doing right now? In addition to real-time data, makes it easy to view up to two years of historical data.


Organizing and sharing reports is the best way to distribute data to a group, but sharing reports can be cumbersome and time consuming in most analytics platforms. Anyone can set up or distribute a report in in a few clicks and share with the people who can act on the data.

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& Data Warehousing

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Use the data already collected and analyzed by to build relevant recommendations or show sponsored content to the right people at the right time. Ready to do more? Layer analytics into an in-house CMS or build an award winning advertising unit. See API Examples

Partner Integrations

It takes a lot of technology to run a website. partners with other companies to make sure you can connect all the dots between readers and revenue. Headline test directly in the dashboard with Optimizely, or dive into a site redesign with one of our agency partners. See our Partners

Data Warehousing

For teams that are willing to dig deep into all the data can create, we offer access to full data warehouse solutions. Truly power your digital content business through data.

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